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Colorful Landscaping Designs in Pembroke Pines Florida

Making Homes beautiful one day at a time. Landscaping in Pembroke Pines FL

Colorful Landscaping would love to make your home look stunning. Our details to a colorful garden design are unmatched. 


About Us ( Landscaping in Miramar & Pembroke Pines Florida )

Experienced and Creative Landscape Designers at your Service


We specialize in helping homeowners make a decision of what type of landscaping he or she may be looking for their home. In fact, Colorful Landscaping has over 20 years Landscaping homes in Pembroke Pines, Miramar, and Hollywood Florida. Over the years, we have created many landscape makeovers which will help you decide landscape design you would like for your landscaping project. 

We are as Detailed as it gets.


Colorful Landscaping pays attention to the special details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. Its important for us as Landscape Designers and contractors to be the best of all the landscaping companies locally. The landscaping competition in Pembroke Pines and Miramar is tough. So we put our heart and soul into our landscape projects, making every detail matter. Whether your garden is small or the biggest in the block; rest assured,  Colorful Landscaping will make sure all the garden details crafted with professional touch because we simply "LOVE" landscaping.

From the moment we start shopping for your products and plants, to the finish of the project, we strive for perfection.  Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home whether it be the back yard, front yard or just an island. We wish to  raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhood while making you the customer happy. 

Shopping for a landscaping, one would expect every company to be detailed. Although we can't speak for others,  Colorful Landscaping is building a reputation of excellence and we don't settle for less.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Your satisfaction is our priority; therefore, we strive to keep our standards of gardening services, landscape design to the highest standards one could have. We take great pride in knowing the customer comes first.  Our whole business model is making sure customers needs are met or their expectations are exceeded. 

We take our time with a thorough consultation to understand your needs for the landscaping makeover deign geared to you. We ask multiple questions to understand your goals for the project so we can meet all of your needs.  We guarantee that the project is completed to your liking. 

Our customer satisfaction rating needs to be 100 percent perfect. At Colorful Landscaping, we will make sure your plants, palms, and products are the best in the industry. We give you a piece of mind when working with a landscape company.  

If something is not right, we stand by our name and make good because your happiness comes first.

Landscaping Topics

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Creating a garden for the front yard is very important. Some of the customers are looking for low maintenance gardens while other like a tropical Landscape. Some people love a symmetrical garden while other prefer asymmetrical landscape ideas. Some like Formal hedge gardens while others like plants places alone to make a statement. What do you like is the question?  We have different landscape pictures for you to see and help you decide.

Back Yard Landscaping Ideas

Same as the front yard finding the right design is important. However, you must also consider what do you really want in your backyard. Some people want a nice pool,  or a waterfall. Others are looking for a nice lawn and maybe pond. Maybe a nice marble floor or brick pavers will make you happy. How about a fire pit, playground, or a trampoline for the kids? 

What is more important?

Landscaping in Pembroke Pines, Miramar, and Hollywood people ask us what can I do?  In fact, we are often asked should I do my front or backyard first. Its tough for us to reply because the front of the house gives a great first impression. It truely makes the home complete and inviting. Some say the front of the house gives me that "curb appeal"  I always wanted. 

While the front of the landscaping is so important, most of our customers live in the backyard. That is where they entertain the family and the guest. Its where on the weekends one can unwind and relax. Have a barbecue grills, make a moment, have a lifetime memory. 

Its truely hard to decide what is more important. What ever you lean towards, Colorful Landscaping will guide you in the right direction for you. 

Waterfalls, ponds, pavers, decks, lighting are elements of a landscaping too. We can guide you 100%

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Soil Installation pros and cons


The healthiest landscapes come from the "Best soils." The dirt you choose will determine how your garden will look for years into the future. It’s  also important to realize that healthy dirt is the very foundation your landscape. It is what makes plants, palms, grass, etc, grow and thrive. 

You already know your soil requires the proper food and hydration, but if the ground is too hardly  compacted, grass and plant roots stay closer to the surface and become  weakened, which is why one should never use a second grade/cheap dirt to save money. 

Upcoming Seasonal/Flowers


Every Season comes with beautiful flowers from up North. Some of the flowers have issues here in South FL gardens. Its important to know the soil conditions and time of the year to buy and install these flowers. 

If one installs the flowers too late, he or she may only enjoy the flowers for weeks, not months. 

Please call for you list of recommended and available flowers near you. In Broward  county they may vary from Boca area and Orlando.  

Sell fast with landscaping


Sometimes Local Real Estate Agents are looking for ways to spruce up a house fast to sell it?  Colorful Landscaping works with lots of Real Estate Agencies to make their Gardens look Fresh before listing a home. Having a well manicured landscaping, makes a house sell faster and sometimes people value the home greater. Its the small details that matter most when a home is trying to sell. Curb Appeal is the first thing one sees when deciding to purchase a home. By Emma Rivera

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Modern Landscaping is becoming more popular every day. Some people love the simple and clean look. 

This is a perfect example how "Less is More" beautiful. Our gardens are unique in nature. We focus on every detail looking its best, landscape architects love to hire us for their local landscape projects.

Trimming and Gardening


Trimming your plants can make a world of difference. Having a well maintained landscape makes it look perfect. When a garden in manicured properly, all the guest will notice. 

We can keep your home, business, or hotel looking sharp for years to come. Landscape Designer, Donald Rivera

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Using indoor plants in homes , business's and hotels  beatifies the mood.

Indoor plants can make someones home, office, or hotel look and feel beautiful. Our indoor landscaping will make your place look professional and special. 

We have different types of pots which will create different types of environments. Some people like to use Mexican pots while others more Modern. Do you know what you like?

Landscaping Video by Colorful Landscaping

Landscaping video in Pembroke Pines and Miramar


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Landscaping in Miramar Florida

If you are looking for a landscape service or landscape Designer in Miramar, Colorful Landscaping is your perfect choice for a Landscaping Company. We will work hard to make your home your dream home. 

Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer

A Landscaping Architect

What does a landscape architect do?

The work of this outdoor  professional includes most everything surrounding a home's exterior. A  landscaping architect can even work with the home architect to choose  the right spot for your house in Weston, FL. From there the  landscaper in Weston will develop preliminary concepts for your front or backyard  design based on individual needs including the climate.  Some Architects now provide a well planed layouts and planting plans. Landscape  architects will also design any structures or outbuildings that will be added to the space. Any grading changes that will be added to the yard. includes any drainage  modifications. An engineer can also be responsible for these tasks, but licensed Florida landscapers are fully capable. Like building  architects, they will produce preliminary concept drawings as well as  detailed construction documents and planting plans. Three-dimensional  renderings and illustrative plans are all available.


A Landscaping Designer

What does a landscape designer do?

A  Weston landscaping designer generally will have ecological, aesthetic  and technical training, which helps them maximize the potential of your outdoor space. Keeping in mind both style and functionality, garden  designers analyze your architecture and yard to produce a plan that may  or may not include location and materials for walkways, patios, water  features, pavers, borders, garden aspects and more. In addition, a landscaper in  Weston, FL will carefully assess your geographic region to choose  plants, trees and flowers that will flourish naturally, as well as address concerns such as drainage, screening and soil conditions.  Certain landscape designers only help with the planning portion, while  some may deliver the plans and then oversee a hired landscaping  contractor. Others — typically following a design-build approach — take  care of both the design and all aspects of the landscape architecture and construction. 

There is a think line of what some can do and what they can not. There are a lot of licenses necessary for the outdoors in Weston Florida.

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Landscaping work areas in Broward County / Fort Lauderdale area

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Commercial and Residential Landscaping

We offer a range of services for homes and gardens.

Cutting lawns


Trimming hedges


Hurricane clean up

Colorful mulches 

Colorful Rocks 

Plants and Palms




Patio Furniture

Fountains and more.

Landscaping Deals and More

Lawn services


What are you looking for? A one time service, twice a month, weekly service, monthly, bi-monthly service. Our Lawn Maintenance programs are geared to serve various customers. We have many types of plants in 2019. Green Lawns cut at 3.5 to 4 inches in our company. The prices are subject to change and will vary from one's home to another. You must call for your free estimate. 

Fire Pits


Are you looking to add a fire pit to your backyard garden? We can install one for you we have many different prices depending of the the size and stone you choose. We have made small fire pits for just a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

$500 to $2000 seems to be a typical customers request.

Tropical Landscaping Designs


Are you looking for a tropical landscaping design? We are specialist at many styles of gardening. This Tropical Garden was inspired by An Asymmetrical landscape Architect. 

Our Gardening idea here was to make a lush garden leading to a backyard with a beautiful lake. He was a fisherman and wanted post with rope along the stone pathway.

2019 landscaping deals


Every landscaping Job over $2000 will have a free sprinkler inspection to insure the quality landscaping we provide. We want all your plants, palms, trees, and shrubs to survive and we make sure they do.

2019 landscaping deals


This $3000 front yard landscaping has a concrete border, 1 cap rock, soil to elevate the garden, and about 50 plants, with two color stones covering a construction weed cloth

2019 Waterfall Deal


Some people love the sound of water falling in their backyard oasis. This waterfall is custom made and the dimensions will vary based on your needs. The stone choice you choose will adjust the cost of a waterfall. But one like this is only $5000

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